Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Outline for Final Project: Have we already found the cure to cancer?

Stem cells are proving to be more beneficial then previously thought.

More and more research everyday from labs across the world are proving just how valuable stem cells can be.  We have been able to treat heart attacks, grow limbs, and even start to help mentally disabled people.  However, the question isn't what have we done so far, but what can we do in the future that will help all of us.

Leading experts express enthusiasms for stem cells.

Experts and researchers are repeatedly showing how stem cells are improving everyday life.  Although there is more work to be done on this, it's looking very optimistic for the future.  At University of Maryland, College Park, experts are saying that (insert quote from video.

What does the public think of stem cells.

Although there has been a lot of progress for stem cell research, the public has split opinions on this case.  Some think that it is not morally right to fuse together an egg and and sperm cell together and use it for scientific research research.  Others believe that it is perfectly fine, since the cell hasn't fully developed.  Although there are many different opinions out there, one point that nobody can dispute is how it is helping people live their lives when it is administered to people who have no other hope.

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